Consumer Tech Engineering's main goal as a Arizona based engineering company is to provide our clients with the very best experience, and apply good business techniques with predictable outcomes. Our staff prides iteslf on a high degree of critical thinking to generate impressive solutions. Consumer Tech Engineering has the ability to handle all your digital logic and software design needs.

Consumer Tech Engineering provides service in Arizona and other states upon request.

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Consumer Tech Engineering is an Arizona Small Business. We have been a valley wide name since 1995. Our staff is industry trained so your project is successfully solved right the first time. Our purpose is to provide professional service and timely outcomes.

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Consumer Tech would be pleased to be given an opportunity to help you with your project needs. We specialize in thinking outside the box. Please click above to request a job quote.

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We utilize a large network of parts distributors, technical data and knowlwedgeable eningeers to get projects completed timely and correctly.

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